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May 19

Rohingyas: Here are your options to resolve. What’s your choice?

Rohingyan Issues Part II The issue on the Rohingyans currently befalling Malaysians is simple. Lawyer Lukman Sheriff Alias puts it to you: 1) Do you believe that the Rohingyans should be left to die on high seas in their current barely functional cramped vessel? (The provision of humanitarian food and water, though a necessity, will […]

May 15

Rescue the boat people first, says activist Marina Mahathir

Human rights activist Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir has called on the Malaysian government to deal with the humanitarian situation involving the stranded Rohingyas at sea first before dealing with Myanmar on the issue. In a Facebook posting, today, Marina said as the current chair of ASEAN, Malaysia must make a strong statement on this issue. […]