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March 27

Pardon disposed, Anwar to lose MP seat – MalaysiaKini

The Pardons Board has disposed the petition filed by Anwar Ibrahim’s family and the opposition leader will be disqualified as a member of parliament, said senior federal counsel Amarjeet Singh. MalaysiaKini reports: However, Anwar’s lawyer N Surendran did not wish to comment on the decision pending   confirmation before the Kuala Lumpur High Court. The decision […]

March 20

Why we should never petition any other country in particular US to interfere in our affairs, says Lukman Sheriff

The United States manufactured “truth” to go to war. They don’t have the interest of other nations at heart. It doesn’t matter if the state interfered results in a failed state. In the case of Iraq its immaterial if 200,000 civilians die because they are not US citizens (they are mere collaterals). It matters not […]

March 11

‘Free Anwar’ petition yanked amid final push, reports MalaysiaKini

In surprising turn of events, former United States ambassador to Malaysia John Malott’s online petition has been removed from the White House website ‘We the People’ citing “a violation of their terms of participants.” The petition, which was online an hour ago, saw a dramatic jump in signatures over the past 24 hours. MalaysiaKini’s Anjulie […]