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May 04

Never forget the tragic fate of Aminulrasyid

Six years ago, on the night of April 26, 2010, two teenage boys drove to a nearby eatery to watch a football game. Both were only 15 years old, did not have driving licences and the car they were in belonged to the sister of one the boys. Syahredzan Johan, a young lawyer and partner […]

March 24

Aminulrasyid’s family awarded RM400,000 in damages

The High Court here has awarded more than RM400,000 in damages to the family of shooting victim Aminulrasyid Amzah for their pain and suffering. High Court judge Justice Ahmad Zaidi Ibrahim made the order on Thursday after he found that the plaintiffs had proven their claim against the defendants. Aminulrasyid’s elder sister Nor Azura Amzah, […]