April 21


Five recovered Covid-19 cases in Sabah found positive in follow-up tests

Five Covid-19 patients who were reported to have recovered in Sandakan and Kinabatangan were have been found to be still infected by the virus in a follow-up test two days later. The Star reports:


This followed reports on April 18 quoting the state’s Health Department, which stated that 19 patients in Sandakan and 16 in Kinabatangan had recovered.

However, the total number of recovered patients was revised down two days later, with Sandakan reporting 17 recoveries while Kinabatangan reported 13.

In response to this, Sabah Health Department Datuk Dr Christina Rundi said all the patients were considered to have recovered after two tests showed they tested negative for Covid-19.

She added that five patients subsequently came up positive in follow-up tests.

“Its important to ensure that they are treated until they fully recover, ” she said on Tuesday (April 21) when responding to questions on the reduced numbers for the two districts.’

As of Tuesday (April 21), Sabah has a total of 308 Covid-19 positive cases with 118 people still undergoing treatment.

Source: https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2020/04/21/five-recovered-covid-19-cases-in-sabah-found-positive-in-follow-up-tests