Registration of births, deaths permitted up to 90 days after MCO lifted, says Ismail Sabri

Registration of births and deaths during the movement control order (MCO) will be allowed to be delayed up to 90 days from the date the MCO ends, says Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob.  The Star reports:


Currently, registration of births and deaths have to be made within 60 days at the nearest National Registration Department (NRD).

Failure to do so would result in a late penalty.

Ismail Sabri also said that the Home Ministry had decided that those who needed to replace their lost MyKads can do so by getting an appointment with their respective NRD branches.

“The Home Ministry has decided to extend the period for registration of births and deaths – which could not be made during the MCO period – to 90 days, calculated from the date the MCO is lifted.

“For Malaysian citizens residing in other countries, the period of 90 days must be calculated from the date the MCO or lockdown ends in that particular country.

“Penalties for late registration will also not be applied for such cases,” said Ismail Sabri in his daily briefing on Sunday (April 19).

The Defence Minister, who is also the spokesperson on non-health Covid-19 matters, said this in his daily briefing to the media at Putrajaya.