KL hospital staff slapped in the face for doing his job

Instead of getting a pat on the back for doing his job, a Kuala Lumpur Hospital medical assistant, received a slap in the face early Sunday, from a person believed to be a relative or friend of an accident victim. The New Straits Times reports:


In the 3am incident, Umair, 29, had just wheeled-in the accident victim into the yellow zone of the Emergency Department when a man suddenly approached the counter and caused a commotion.

“The person was apparently unhappy with our services and disputed our action in not leaving the accident scene immediately after carrying the victim into the ambulance.

“He backed off after seeing the auxiliary policemen approaching. Then, another man came over and shouted at everyone, prompting relatives of other patients who were waiting at the department to chase him away.

“I tried to calm the situation by escorting him out but ended up being slapped instead.” he said.

Umair said the incident unfolded minutes earlier at the crash scene at Jalan Datuk Senu in Sentul when he and a colleague responded to an accident alert.

He said upon arrival at the scene, he and his colleague administered first aid on the victim, who was suffering from head and leg injuries, before wheeling him into the ambulance.

“Once inside, the ambulance did not move immediately because we were conducting a secondary procedure on the victim including inserting a drip since the victim appeared to be losing a lot of blood. For the patient’s safety, the ambulance can only move once this procedure is done.

“At this juncture, somebody came over and started hitting the ambulance’s rear door aggressively asking us to take the victim to the hospital immediately.”

The same group of men were believed to have followed them to the hospital and caused a commotion there.

The men left once the auxiliary policemen arrived at the Emergency Department.

The drama caught the attention of HKL’s consultant emergency physician Datuk Dr Alzamani Mohammad Idrose who posted the incident on Facebook and congratulated the emergency staff for their dedication to the job.

“I am always impressed by my frontline staff. No matter how many time they had to face rude situation or harsh comments. The next day, they will show up to work and continue doing their job.

“With all the proof we have, we will leave it to the police to conduct an investigation (into the incident),” he said.

Meanwhile, Dang Wangi police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Fahmi Visuvanathan confirmed receiving a report and said the case is being investigation under Section 323 of the Penal Code for voluntarily causing hurt.

Source:  https://www.nst.com.my/news/crime-courts/2019/05/491607/sabah-woman-stabs-husband-death-over-abusive-philandering-ways