‘Dukun’ charms its way to movie fans and rakes in millions

Dukun has cast a spell on movie-goers, taking in RM6.2mil in ticket collection within just four days of its release in Malaysia and Brunei. The StarOnLine reports:


The horror thriller flick premiered last Thursday, raked in RM1.5mil on the first day alone.

Directed by Dain Said, Dukun revolves around a seductive shaman, Diana Dahlan, being investigated for the death of a businessman after a ritual she performed went awry.

Najwa Abu Bakar, head of the film’s production company Astro Shaw, said: “We’re stunned. We’re very thankful to the audience. All the work Dain and the rest of the cast and crew members put in have paid off.

“We know the competition will get really tough with big Hollywood films opening in cinemas in the weeks to come. We hope to still have the support of the audience.”

Diana is played by Datin Seri Umie Aida. On Sunday night, she appeared at an awards show in Kuala Lumpur with two snakes on her shoulders to promote the film.

Back in 2016, when the film was shot, Umie lived with a snake for two months to study its movements and incorporate them into her character.

“For two months, I did everything with it,” she recalled. “There were even times when I went to sleep and the snake would be on my bed,” the 45-year-old said.

Although she was afraid of snakes, Umie said living with the reptile was entirely her idea.

The film is believed to be loosely based on real-life witch doctor Mona Fandey who was found guilty for the murder of state assemblyman Datuk Mazlan Idris in 1993. She was executed in 2001.
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