No evidence to support wild allegations | Summary Dismissal of Norwich Order – Bruno Manser Fund Claim Rejected

The Ontario Superior Court has Monday summarily dismissed an application by the Swiss-based Activist group, the Bruno Manser Fund [BMF] for a Norwich Pharmacal Order which sought banking records of a private Canadian company, Sakto Corporation.


In a statement issued today by GRA Communications, legal counsel for Sakto Corporation, Duncan Fraser said: “Justice Dunphy was unequivocal that Canadian law did not allow foreign “vigilante citizens’ groups” to circumvent the Canadian constitution and get access to private records, where they don’t have evidence any crime was committed.”

The application had been brought by Lukas Straumann and the Bruno Manser Fund, who have for many years carried out sustained and unfounded attacks on Sakto Corporation. This had included repeated complaints to authorities including the American FBI, the British police and several Canadian authorities, who have all repeatedly rejected the BMF demands.

Now, in spite of its years of activism and publicity, the BMF has conceded to the Canadian Court that it does not have the evidence to support its scandalous allegations.

For the BMF, they will now be faced with the fact that the $100,000 they were ordered to post in advance as security for costs, is available to reimburse the responding parties for some of the costs of this proceeding. Their own legal costs will have been substantial.

Sakto is a Canadian family business that has operated to the highest ethical standards and in full compliance with Canadian laws.

With this decision, the matter is now considered closed.