TERAJU’s SUPERB winners show what they have in “Disruptive Technology”

A total of 10 winners from among 17 finalists today won RM500,000 each in grants in the Bumiputera Entrepreneurs Startup Scheme “SUPERB Series 3” organised by TERAJU, the Government’s Bumiputera Agenda Steering Unit.


The winners of SUPERB Series 3 (please see below) were determined on the basis of the best disruptive technology idea with the potential of it being commercialized.

They were selected after a thorough screening process that involved pitching their business plans to a panel of successful entrepreneurs in their respective fields of business. Those who have been shortlisted were also put through a grueling “boot camp” to further refine on their business plans with valuable inputs from mentoring entrepreneurs.


Since the programme was introduced in 2014, a total of 152 individuals and companies have benefitted from the grant with a total of RM74 million disbursed.


“SUPERB Series 3 is the third competition for the year 2017, in what has been an increasingly successful programme to not only encourage and promote Bumiputera entrepreneurship but more importantly, uncover and develop really viable, timely and profitable new business ideas,” said TERAJU Chief Executive Officer Datuk Husni Salleh.

“Disruptive technology was chosen in tandem with the current Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4) sweeping the globe. It is also in line with the government’s aspirations for TN50.”

The 17 finalists in today’s SUPERB Series 3 had ideas that ranged from a car sharing application; a semi-automatic rubber tapping device for rubber agricultural technology in estates; the first composite Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinder; and a Pneumatic Actuator Portable Analyzer to guide the maintenance teams in troubleshooting the common problems of the pneumatic control valve.

Other viable ideas underscoring Disruptive technology included a Super-Efficient LED lighting system; a Malaysian Sign Language Interactive Book with additional Augmented Reality technology for communication between Deaf and normal people; the next generation technology of gas measurement analyser; and a hands-free RetAno Anoscope as a tool to facilitate surgery; and a social media platform focusing on Virtual Reality content.

There were also innovations of a Malaysian-designed and manufactured sports rim for vehicles; a ‘Rotor Retractor’ for carrying out the maintenance on a big and heavy electrical motors; developing a revolutionary fishing product; introducing a new generation turbo charger; developing a rail lubricant system to minimise noise pollution that is generated by the Light Rail Transit (LRT); a smart control system for fire detector, security systems, smart controller (home appliances) and CCTV; a new bio-secured shrimp farming technique that emphasizes on the prevention of diseases; and an artificial intelligence drone that could detect pest and diseases a hundred times faster on an oil palm estate.

“The overwhelming success of SUPERB has also enabled TERAJU to form strategic partnerships with the private sector to introduce the scheme for selected business fields, such as the SUPERB Halal Chefpreneur Challenge 2017 for the culinary industry, and the SUPERB Motonation for the automotive industry,” added Datuk Husni.

Launched in 2014, SUPERB supports Bumiputera individuals and companies with innovative and creative ideas with a grant aimed at developing ideas into prototypes, proof-of-concepts with the intent of commercialization. The scheme is open to individuals above 18 and under the age of 40 as well as Bumiputera companies that have been in operation for less than three years.