Transformasi Kesejahteraan Bumiputera high on the national agenda, says TERAJU

TERAJU, the Government’s Bumiputera Agenda Steering Unit welcomes the multitude of initiatives underlined in Budget 2018 that will provide a more holistic, inclusive, focused and viable approach towards promoting the national, economic and social development and well being of Malaysia.


In the overall pursuit of the Bumiputera agenda, Budget 2018 strengthens the Transformasi Kesejahteraan Bumiputera (TKB or Bumiputera Wellbeing Transformation) initiative announced earlier this year, entrusting TERAJU with a more widely encompassing role of ensuring that the ideals in education, health, social and culture, living environment, and Bumiputera stature are lifted to greater heights, and weaved into Malaysia’s plural social fabric.

TERAJU’s Chief Executive Officer Datuk Husni Salleh said provisions in Budget 2018 such as the RM555 million allocation for Bumiputera Entrepreneurship Enhancement Programmes that include RM155 million allocation for the development of Bumiputera Vendor Capacity; the RM90 million in the Peneraju Professional, Peneraju Skill and Peneraju Tunas programmes; and RM2.5 billion allocation in scholarships for undergraduates pursuing studies in the fields of artificial intelligence, signals and reaffirms the national commitment to promote greater success among the Bumiputera with a comprehensive suite of rational, practical, viable and aspirational approaches designed to uplift the social and economic fabric of the country.

This is further evidenced with a RM61.6 billion boost to enhance excellence in Education Development, Training, Skills and Talent; the RM2.4 billion allocation for UiTM to increase its intake to 165,000 students with a target of 250,000 students by 2020; a RM400 million allocation for research grants and development for public universities; a RM250 million allocation to enhance education which includes establishing a Centre for the learning of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM); RM90 million allocation to the MyBrain Programme enabling 10,600 people to further their studies at Masters and Doctorate level, and TERAJU’s presence at the Urban Transformation Centres (UTC) one-stop centres nationwide to provide professional assistance with regards to employment and training opportunities.

“The provisions for SUPERB will indeed generate more creative and innovative talent among young entrepreneurs. Thus far, RM73.75 million has been given since 2014. And TERAJU is delighted that more opportunities will abound.”

“In the context of an increasingly globally competitive economic and rapidly progressive social landscape, Budget 2018 addresses the many critical areas that we as Bumiputera must decisively recognise and embrace in pursuit of excellence. These measures, many of which will only succeed with the acceptance of a change in mindset, will ensure that Bumiputeras do not get left behind,” added Datuk Husni.