Rafizi Ramli – you missed the point here

Rafizi Ramli is very unhappy that a bankruptcy notice was printed in the newspapers and said that this will make the public get angry at UMNO. Blogger Lim Sian See writes:


He said this is a “cheap” political ploy and said he sympathizes with the persons whom he had lost the fitnah case to because they are old and angry.

But Rafizi admits that the lawyers did come twice to his house to leave two letters.

Rafizi then said that after these two letters, the lawyer did put-up the court order on the door of his house on 18 Sept which he saw the next day but Rafizi said he was busy the next few days traveling and going to court.

He then said that advertising a bankruptcy notice is “expensive” and is seldom done (although we all know that classified ads in the papers are not really that expensive and that there are many such bankruptcy notices advertised every day).

Rafizi said that tomorrow he will then go and pay.

This Rafizi is one real character!

He already knows since last year that he lost the case and that he had again lost his appeal in July – which is why he called for donations during that month. So, it is nothing new to him that he must pay.

The lawyers already sent several notices to him and he himself said he was busy – and now he is getting angry that the judge ordered that a bankruptcy notice should be advertised – as is common process.

You fitnah, you lose (twice), you don’t pay up, you ignore notices for months and then when the usual process takes place for a bankruptcy notice, you say it is a cheap political ploy by an “angry old man” that you sympathize with?

Wow. Just wow.

You are missing the point here. End of the day, you are just a court-confirmed serial fitnah specialist who had even dared used the excuse that it was just a joke when confronted with yet another defamation suit.


Source:  https://www.facebook.com/lim.siansee/posts/2048959238656193