Your RM100 Banknotes Withdrawn From ATM Machines Could Be Fake

A man’s attempt to deposit RM100 banknotes into a cash deposit machine had failed as it appears that the banknotes in his possession were counterfeits.

Mohd Azwim Kamarulzaman, claims the banknotes were withdrawn via an ATM machine, however, they were being rejected as he tried to deposit them into the cash deposit machine.


“Please be careful, as these days, even the ATM machines are not secure and safe. Plus, the banks do not want to be accountable,” he warned others on his Facebook page.

Relaying the incident, Mohd Azwim claims he lodged a police report at the Ayer Keroh police station, only to discover that many similar cases had occurred, according to the authorities.

Meanwhile, the bank also informed Mohd Azwim that the money was not managed by the bank but by a third party responsible for inserting the bulk of cash into the machine.

According to his wife, Norihas, the bank refused to take accountability on the matter.

“Imagine if all the money I had cashed out were fake? We, are their clients and they are taking things too lightly. What if that was all the money we had left to spend, is this not a mistreatment yo your customers?,” she expressed.

Pic: Facebook

Norihas further wrote that she will not hesitate to close her bank account, if the bank in question still refuses to take necessary actions and be accountable for the mishap.

The public are advised to be careful when receiving RM100 banknotes as well as withdrawing them from ATM machines as they might not necessarily be genuine after all.