MidValley bridge collapse: Worker’s leg amputated on scene to save his life

 A construction worker had to have his leg amputated at the scene of the pedestrian bridge collapse at KL Eco City near Mid Valley Megamall, today.


It is learnt that the worker, identified as 23-year old Rais Anjum from Pakistan, found himself trapped when the under-construction bridge collapsed at 3.30pm today.

A fellow construction worker, also a Pakistani, told the New Straits Times that Rais was driving a forklift at the time of the incident.

Rais tried to escape but could not make it out on time.

When the structure collapsed, Rais became trapped, with his legs pinned under the rubble, as well as in between the wreckage of the forklift.

“He was pinned there for about four hours. As the debris was too heavy to move and Rais had lost a lot of blood by then, paramedics had to act fast.

“They were left with little choice but to amputate his legs in order to save his life,” said the worker.

The worker said they were told of the development by one of their supervisors, who had been briefed by the medical team.

He said when news came in that Rais had to have his legs amputated, some of the workers broke down in tears.

“It is cruel that he had to lose his legs, but at least he is safe,” said the worker. One of the workers provided a video clip of Rais being trapped in the wreckage.

It is learnt that the emergency amputation took place sometime after. It is learnt that Rais was rushed to the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC).

The under-construction pedestrian bridge reportedly gave way at 3.30pm. It is learnt that workers were having their lunch break and were seated under the bridge when the tragedy occurred.

One person died in the incident, while five victims are being treated at the UMMC. Two are in critical condition, and the rest stable.

SP Setia had confirmed that the incident took place at the Abdullah Hukum project site.

The company said it immediately notified the Fire and Rescue Services, police and medical services together with the Department of Occupational Safety and Health.

It said it would provide updates in due course.

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