Police nab drug addict who towed away cars from KL hospital, and demanded payment for vehicles’ release

Police arrested a 35 year-old man for illegally towing cars parked along the roadside of Kuala Lumpur hospital and extorting money from car owners in exchange for getting their vehicles released.


City police Traffic Enforcement and Investigation Department chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Nadzri Hussain said they received complaints from victims of the suspect.

“The victims’ cars were towed from a public road at the hospital, but not by the authorities.

On top of that, they were compounded for RM150 or more.

“When the owners refused to pay, the suspect would not release their vehicle,” Nadzri said.

Acting on the tip-offs, police deployed its team to the scene and nabbed the man, who was acting as a crane driver.

“Checks on the suspect revealed that he is not licensed to operate a tow truck, plus the road tax of the truck had expired in 2012.

“He also tested positive for methamphetamine,” said Nadzri.

Police are checking to see if the man was working under orders of the hospital, the parking management of the hospital, or privately.

Nadzri said the suspect was handed over to the Dang Wangi police for further investigation.

The case is being investigated under Section 385 of the Penal Code for extortion, Road Transport Act 1987 and the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952.

He called for members of the public who have fallen victim to such cases to lodge a report at the nearest police station to assist investigations.

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