September 27


Airport eGates crash leaves long queues at KLIA2

Travellers arriving at klia2 yesterday evening were forced to queue in long lines for Immigration clearance after the airport’s eGates malfunctioned.  


Olympic Council of Asia Media committee member Tony Mariadass, who had returned from Da Nang, Vietnam at 4.15pm, said he was queueing at the eGates when he was told to move to the Immigration counters.

“An officer came and told us we will have get manual Immigration clearance at the counters as they could not restart the system for the eGate,” he said.

Pointing out all 10 eGates had malfunctioned, Tony said it took him almost an hour to finally pass through the counters.

“There were many who could not pass through the eGates as the machines kept declining their passports. This caused the system to crash after a while,” he said.

“The line to the Immigration counters was extremely long. There were only five counters and at least 100 people waiting to check out after I passed through.”

Tony said it was the longest he had waited to get through Immigration at the airport as it had previously taken only five to 10 minutes.

On June 17, Malay Mail reported travelers were faced with long queues at the Immigration counters at airports nationwide because of faulty security chips in the passports issued by the Immigration Department.

It was believed the eGates were unable to read the details of the defective passports which were mostly issued after April. Those travellers had to be referred to the Immigration counters.

A day before that, Malay Mail reported a high number of passports was rejected by the National Security Printers and Immigration Department as they were either damaged or had failed to meet standards. This had caused a shortage of passports and resulted in longer queues at passport-issuing offices.

In August, Immigration director-general Datuk Seri Mustafar Ali said the issue of faulty chips was being resolved.

He also announced the government was introducing an online renewal and application service.


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