Fatal crane accident: Stop work order issued on construction site

A stop work order has been issued against a construction site where a crane hook fell on top of a car in Jalan Raja Chulan yesterday, killing the vehicle’s occupant.


The Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) said it is also launching a thorough investigation to establish whether those responsible for the site’s safety had been negligent in their duties.

Legal action, it said, would be taken if any foul play is proven.

In a statement today, DOSH said that under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (1994), the site’s main contractor is responsible for ensuring the safe use of tower cranes on the construction site.

“The Factories and Machinery Act (1967) also require tower cranes to be installed and maintained by a competent company registered with DOSH.

“The competent company shall be appointed by the prime contractor to carry out regular inspection and maintenance on a regular basis, according to the specifications by tower cranes manufacturer,” the statement said.

A thorough investigation will be carried out to ensure whether those responsible performed their duty responsibly.

“We are also in the midst of conducting forensic investigation to determine the cause of the accident and to prevent such accidents from recurring in future. DOSH said it views seriously every accident that occurs especially those involving death, regardless of whether it involves construction crew or the public.

“Legal action will be taken if there is any foul play by the responsible parties.

“From time to time, DOSH will continue to review and improve its safe work procedures when necessary to ensure the health of workers and public is assured,” it said.

It was reported yesterday that a woman was killed when a crane hook fell onto her car at Jalan Raja Chulan during evening rush hour.

The victim was identified as Chin Khoon Sing, 24, from George Town, Penang. It is understood that the incident occurred at 7.20pm.

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