Oil tanker slams into divider, blocks three lanes on Karak highway

Traffic along the Karak highway came to a standstill this evening when an oil tanker skidded and crashed into a road divider at KM33 (Genting Sempah-Gombak route) of the highway.


The aftermath of the incident saw the tanker’s wreckage sprawled across all three lanes of the highway, cutting off traffic.

It is understood that the driver lost control of the vehicle prior to the accident, given the rainy conditions.

The East Coast Expressway, in an update via its official Twitter account, said to date, only the emergency lane can be accessed for regular vehicles.

The right lane for vehicles headed in the opposite direction (east-bound) has been closed.

A Fire and Rescue Department spokesman said no casualties were reported in the 5.30pm incident.

“We believe the driver lost control of the tanker and hit the divider. Thankfully, there was no fire,” he said.

At press time, rescue agencies and road crews are in the midst of removing the tanker’s wreckage to allow other vehicles to pass.

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