Malaysian students in UK won’t be affected by Brexit

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, will not affect Malaysian students currently studying in the United Kingdom.


Education Malaysia United Kingdom & Ireland Associate Prof Dr Zainal Abidin Sanusi said the decision on EU referendum would not have much of an impact on the students as their tuition fees will not face any changes.

“Tuition fees will remain the same as Malaysian students do not receive any special treatments like other students who come from EU countries.

“The decision could actually bring relief for our students here as the British pound is expected to depreciate against the Malaysian Ringgit.

“The depreciation of the British pound will allow parents in Malaysia to transfer a sufficient amount of money to their children to live comfortably here,” he told the New Straits Times.

However, Zainal said the referendum would have a huge impact on students from EU countries studying in the UK, as well as the country’s education development especially on tuition fees and budget allocation for research.

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