Man terrorises hotel staff after suspected sex party

A suspected drug-fuelled sex party led to a 20-year-old man terrorising staff of a five-star hotel with a gun.


He brandished a semi-automatic Walther P99 at four employees, forcing one of them to stare down the barrel of the gun.

The gun belongs to his relative, a 53-year-old Assistant Superintendent (ASP), who was transferred from the Federal narcotics department to the Klang police station four months ago.

The man and his relative are in police custody.

The incident unfolded on Tuesday when the suspect, who had been staying in the hotel since Saturday, went to the front desk to extend his stay.

Kuala Lumpur deputy police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Abdul Hamid Mohd Ali told Malay Mail the suspect threw a fit when the guest service assistant asked for an additional RM124.30 as the RM1,100 deposit he had paid earlier was insufficient.

“The suspect immediately pulled out a gun, cocked it and pointed it at the staff. He verbally abused him and demanded his stay be extended without any questions asked,” he said.

“Another hotel staff tried to pacify the suspect and later accompanied him back to his room. He assured the suspect his stay would be extended.

“He was holding the gun in his right hand from the hotel lobby to his room. The suspect also brandished the gun while warning a room service assistant who walked past him.”

Abdul Hamid said another room service assistant was threatened by the suspect after he delivered food to his suite.

On learning the horrific tales from the staff, the hotel management lodged a police report hours later.

Police raided the suite and arrested the suspect, three Indonesian men, an Indonesian woman and six Malaysians.

They also seized a plastic packet containing 2.1gm of syabu but the gun was not found.

The suspect revealed the gun belonged to the ASP.

“After failing to contact the policeman, investigators alerted his superiors who managed to reach him. The ASP showed up at the Dang Wangi police headquarters at 7.20pm on Tuesday and surrendered the gun,” Abdul hamid said.

“Upon reporting himself, he tested positive for amphetamine.”

It is unclear if the policeman was in the hotel room before the incident or if he had later visited the hotel to retrieve his firearm.

The ASP was handed the Walther P99 along with two magazines and 30 9mm bullets in April.

Police armoury records showed the officer last took out the gun three weeks ago.

The armoury issued him a memo requesting the return of the gun after he failed to sign forms to state the weapon was still in his possession, said Abdul Hamid.

Investigations also revealed the officer did not report to work on June 13, claiming he was sick.

However, it was learnt the officer attended a meeting at a land office in Klang the next day at 9am.

“The officer did not turn up for work after the meeting was over,” he said.

Abdul Hamid said the main suspect had been remanded until Sunday while the police officer has been temporarily suspended until investigations are over.