Malacca goalkeeper who was struck by lightning dies

Melaka United goalkeeper Marco Stefan Petrovski, who was struck by lightning during training on April 5, has died from his injuries.

The 18-year-old Australian was struck by lighting while training at Field 10 at Stadium Hang Jebat in Krubong.

He passed away at 2.45pm at Putra Hospital.


Pic from Marco Stefan Petrovski’s Facebook page.

Malacca President’s Cup manager, Khairi Anuar Ahmad said Chief Minister Datuk Seri Idris Haron, who is also President of Melaka United, has been alerted of Petrovski’s death

The footballer’s body will be sent to Malacca Hospital for an autopsy before being flown to Australia.

Khairi Anuar said he was shocked when was informed that Petrovski had passed away.

“We had hoped that he would recover but it turned out to be a tragic news for us.

“He is a true hero,” he said.

Petrovski was struck by lighting together with fellow footballer Muhamad Afiq Azuan, 21, and medical officer Ahmad Faisal Miswan while training on April 5.

Muhamad  Afiq was allowed to return to playing after being treated at Malacca Hospital while Ahmad Faisal suffered shock and escaped injuries.