Gruesome evidence tendered at Kevin’s murder trial

The stench of death filled the courtroom when evidence from the crime scene was tendered in the murder trial of deputy public prosecutor Datuk Anthony Kevin Morais.


DNA analyst Nor Aidora Saedon, 43, tendered 52 pieces of evidence on the second day of trial – which ranged from a shirt, underwear and a pendant on a necklace to bone, tissue and hair samples.

She confirmed that DNA evidence taken from the crime scene was a match for the samples given by Kevin’s brothers Datuk Richard and David Ramesh.

She also tendered as evidence a T-shirt, which had blood samples that matched two of the accused, S. Nimalan and S. Ravichandaran.

 She recommended that the sample bags not be opened, as the liquid from decomposing specimens would smell even stronger.

Many in the courtroom were seen wearing face masks or tissues over their noses.

The defence requested that one key piece of evidence be opened for inspection.

It was the plastic gunny sack that Kevin was alleged to have been stuffed in by his murderers.

Justice Azman Abdullah suggested that the sample bag containing this piece of evidence be opened in the hall outside the courtroom.

The seven accused, lawyers, prosecutors and judge all exited the courtroom to witness this.

Nor Aidora opened the sample bag, revealing a thick plastic gunny sack that was caked in a dark brown material, with a stone the size of a head attached to it.

She noted that the info tags inside the sample bag had rotted, although the secure seal and corresponding information outside confirmed it was the bag from the crime scene.

In the opening statement on Wednesday, DPP Datuk Abdul Razak Musa said the accused had stuffed Kevin in a plastic sack, prior to taking him to the site where he was dumped in an oil drum that was then filled with cement.

On Jan 27, the six men – G. Gunasekaran, 48; R. Dinishwaran, 24; A. K. Thinesh Kumar, 23; M. Vishwanath, 26; Nimalan, 23; and Ravichandaran, 35, claimed trial to charges of murdering Kevin.

They are accused of committing the offence between 7am and 8pm on Sept 4, 2015, between Jalan Dutamas Raya Sentul and No. 1 Jalan USJ1/6D, Subang Jaya.

Army pathologist Colonel Dr R. Kunaseegaran, 53, pleaded not guilty to abetting the six in the murder.

They face the mandatory death penalty if convicted, under Section 302 of the Penal Code.

The trial continues today.