Landslide brings traffic to standstill on Karak highway

A landslide at Bukit Tinggi has completely blocked both sides of the Karak expressway, leaving cars from both directions stranded.


The Malaysian Highway Authority in a Twitter posting said the incident occurred at KM52.4 of the expressway.

“All lanes are blocked, traffic at standstill. Postpone your journey,” it said.

Bentong district police chief Mansor Mohd Nor confirmed the incident in a statement and said there were no reports of loss of life as yet.

He urged travellers from Kuantan to exit at Bentong while those from Kuala Lumpur should exit at Genting Sempah.

He added tractors have been deployed since 8pm to clear the way.

According to Google Map, the traffic is backed up for up to 4km.

The data shows if drivers could move at all, it would take them more than two hours to cover the 4km distance.