Cardiovascular Disease Contributes 50 Per Cent Of Malaysian Deaths

Cardiovascular diseases, that is, heart diseases and strokes contribute 50 per cent to the deaths of Malaysians each year.


Principal Assistant Director, Disease Control Divison, Ministry of Health, Dr Feisul Idzwan Mustapha said the main factor carrying risks of cardiovascular diseases were smoking and high blood pressure.

“These are the two main contributors besides other risk factors such as being physically inactive, obesity and diabetes.

“Overall, the disease is also a risk factor for premature deaths under the age of 70 years involving those still productive in terms of the economy or are still working,” he told reporters after the interactive session between the ministry and the media in conjunction with the World Heart Day, here Monday.

He said that following the rise in the risk of premature death, the World Heart Day this year would focus on physical activities among the younger generation.

With the theme ‘Be Active Your Way, Everyday’, Dr Feisul said the celebration on Sept 29 would emphasise on the importance of health education on the heart by practising the culture of healthy life.