Allegations of charge sheets are false, says AG

Attorney General Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali has issued the following statement regarding a recent posting by the Sarawak Report blog.

MohamedApandi Ali


1. These allegations by foreign national Clare Rewcastle Brown in political blog Sarawak Report are false.

2. T‎he alleged charge sheets are not in and never reached the Attorney General’s Chambers. Furthermore, the format of the sheets is not correct or written by our Chambers. ‎ ‎

3. The Special Task Force investigation has not been completed. So it is not legally possible for charge sheets to be drafted in advance.

4. These alleged charge papers therefore indicate that there is a conspiracy to topple a serving Prime Minister by criminalising him, and that the methods include doctoring and criminal leakage.

5. This plot represents a threat to Malaysia’s democracy and I will direct for all action possible to be taken to investigate. The full force of the law will be applied without exception to any that are found guilty.