June 14


Malay Mail, pure gutter journalism, says Lukman Sheriff Alias

Lawyer Lukman Sheriff Alias is annoyed with The Malay Mail. This shouldn’t be an issue at all. They picked some small fraction of a comment and sensationalise it. It’s too small an issue. Now everybody is reacting to this non issue, he writes.


Anybody can have an opinion even criminals. But people don’t highlight these opinions at all because it doesn’t represent us. This is the problem of our existing media. They quote whoever they like without credibility so long as they fulfill their agenda. We don’t even know the validity of the person who made the comment in the first place. He may be a criminal, extremist, liberalist, RBA. fake account holder, etc.

We must stop giving credence to those who have not. Our media must do the decent thing. Quote reputable people that’s representative of our view.

Addendum: Ive tried to trace back the reports. Actually two alternative medias carried this issue. One was Malay Mail and the other Free Malaysia Today. Can you believe it that both cited bulletin TV3 Facebook for source? If you go TV3 FB, do you know how many likes they have on each news. Mostly less than 10. Why in the world would they quote TV3 news then? Have you ever seen they quote TV3 before?

I checked further TV3 FB (going back up to Tuesday) and there was no picture of Farah. She won on Thursday. It’s possible TV3 deleted it but we need to see who commented. But in any event, why would these two quote TV3 when they always criticise mainstream media. Gutter journalism for me.