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There are too many spins and unverified accounts of the Sukaguam event. But I think to the public it’s unimaginable how a threat can be so big that justifies the cancellation of the event. The IGP must clarify in great detail as the public have seen a much worse event, writes lawyer Lukman Sheriff Alias.

This Star video is telling at what happened at PWTC – Though I don’t agree with all what Tun Mahathir alleges, I find it hard to stomach the picture where the police asked him to cease talking in an environment which appears calm. Technically police may argue it’s just proceeding with an earlier order to cease but the lack of pandemonium in the hall at that time leads to an unjustified cancellation conclusion. And again kudos to Tun Mahathir for obliging the request of the police.

I know this is an emotional/ highly charged topic. If you wish, state your views but I ask not go overboard with criticism like what I’ve seen in other groups.


Meanwhile, The Star reported: What sort of security threat was there, activist Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir (pic) said on Twitter.

“Well well well….if @KBAB51 (Khalid’s Twitter handle) can’t handle security for an event with @NajibRazak, what good is he,” Marina said.

“And what sort of security threat was it? People booing? But that has happened before, no,” she asked.