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June 28

1MDB planning a walkout from PAC hearing?

Kit Siang ponders on why lawyer Shafee is so against Tony Pua making statements. Are top executives of 1Malaysia Development Bhd plotting with their lawyer to stage a walkout at hearings of the Public Accounts Committee? DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang raised this possibility today after criticism arose of Tony Pua, a member of the […]

June 27

The Edge pulls back after Zahid’s threat

Business weekly says it won’t rely on leaked emails for reports on 1MDB’s business deals Business weekly The Edge, facing a threat of government action against it, has announced it would no longer use leaked emails regarding the troubled government company 1Malaysia Development Bhd. In a statement today, it said: “We will defer to the […]

June 26

Is the PAC the judge or an executioner, asks RPK

It appears like now the debate has shifted from 1MDB to the PAC. It is no longer about whether there are wrongdoings in 1MDB but whether the PAC is capable of getting to the truth. And this is bad because at the end of the day whatever conclusion the PAC comes out with it will […]

June 25

Who is Xavier Andre Justo?

THIS morning, New Straits Times readers woke up to images of a heavily tattooed foreigner surrounded by armed officers, held in the custody of the Thai police after a dramatic new development in the 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) story. The NST report in greater depth: Our exclusive report on the arrest of Swiss national Xavier […]

June 24

Swiss man accused of Najib smear plan

Police have arrested a Swiss national they claim leaked information of a Saudi-based energy company to a UK-based news website. Xavier Andre Justo, 49, was arrested at a house on Koh Samui on Monday with computers, hard drives and other data storage devices.  Wassayos Ngamkham of The Bangkok Post reports: Xavier Andre Justo, 49, was […]

June 24

Thai police nab PetroSaudi ex-staff over attempted extortion

Thai police have arrested a former official of PetroSaudi International Ltd, and charged him with attempting to blackmail and extort the company, Thai media said yesterday. Thai police chief Gen. Somyot Pumpunmuang told reporters that the Crime Suppression Division police had detained Xavier Andre Justo, a Swiss national, following the issuance of an arrest warrant […]

June 23

The sad state of English in Malaysia, writes Wong Chun Wai

MY COLLEAGUE received a press statement sent by a very high-ranking official of a government department recently. Wong Chun Wai shares … Johor’s Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar has called for English to be made a medium of instruction. — PHOTO: THE STAR   It was personally written in English by the official and […]

June 20

No ‘balik kampung’ ads for TV3 this year, writes RockyBru

Proton hits back at TV3 “smear campaign”. So you won’t see any “balik kampung” Proton commercial in TV3 this year, no thanks to the television station’s mysterious series of unflattering reporting about the national car in the past week or so, writes RockyBru. I hear Proton spends quite a bit on TV3 – the benefit […]

June 18

No committal proceedings against Mahmud

The Kuala Lumpur Syariah Appeals Court today unanimously dismissed Shahnaz Abdul Majid’s appeal for committal proceedings against her former husband, Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib, the son of Sarawak governor Abdul Taib Mahmud. The decision was made by a three-member bench led by the Federal Territory Chief Syariah Court judge Mahammad Ibrahim. The other panel members […]

June 18

Hijacked Malaysian fuel tanker repainted and renamed, in Cambodian waters

 A fuel-laden Malaysian tanker that “disappeared” off the east coast of Johor last Thursday has been detected, repainted and renamed, in Cambodian waters, according to Chief of Navy Admiral Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Jaafar. The MT Orkim Harmony, carrying 6,000 tonnes of petrol valued at RM21 million, is being tailed from the air by aircraft […]

June 17

NFCorp and Salleh to sue Shamsulbahrin Ismail

National Feedlot Corporation Sdn Bhd (NFCorp) and its chairman Dr Mohamed Salleh Ismail today vowed to take legal action against former business consultant Shamsulbahrin Ismail in respect of what they described as ‘frivolous and malicious statements’ made by the latter at a recent news conference which were they claim were baseless and untenable. Shamsulbahrin had […]

June 15

The Crown Prince of Johor speaks

Of late, I just voiced out my opinion and a reminder that people who has been entrusted with the responsibility to not blame the people for losing trust and confidence in them, but think of why the people no longer have the confidence and trust in them. Apparently my gentle reminder has been met with […]

June 15

Durians, ours is the best in the world, says tourism official

Malaysian durians are the best and the king of fruits is free of artificial colouring, said tourism ministry deputy secretary-general Junaida Lee Abdullah today at the launch of a durian festival in Teluk Bahang. Nothing articial about King of Fruits says Junaida at Penang durian festival. She said the ministry, together with the agriculture ministry […]

June 14

Now an oil tanker with RON95 missing?

A Malaysian oil tanker carrying 6,000 tonnes of RON95 petrol has gone missing while sailing from Melaka to Kuantan port. Coastguard and Navy ships and helicopter carry out search in waters off Johor. The Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) has deployed three vessels to search for the oil tanker which went missing last Thursday, at 30 […]

June 14

Malay Mail, pure gutter journalism, says Lukman Sheriff Alias

Lawyer Lukman Sheriff Alias is annoyed with The Malay Mail. This shouldn’t be an issue at all. They picked some small fraction of a comment and sensationalise it. It’s too small an issue. Now everybody is reacting to this non issue, he writes. Anybody can have an opinion even criminals. But people don’t highlight these […]

June 13

Not for you to judge gymnast over outfit, Khairy tells critics

 Sports and Youth Minister Khairy Jamaluddin has come out to defend national gymnast Farah Ann Abdul Hadi who was criticised for exposing her “aurat” while competing in the SEA Games held in Singapore over the week. Sports and Youth Minister Khairy Jamaluddin slams those who criticised a national gymnast over her attire. – The Malaysian […]

June 13

Can we save our English from going down the drain?

The Federal Government is not doing enough to help our students become more proficient in English. Fa Abdul of Free Malaysia Today shares a major concern: I was at a deli in a mall yesterday when I overheard a mat salleh couple asking the manager there for directions. “I think better you do like this. […]

June 10

Dr Mahathir is behind crisis, says PM

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has accused Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad of being the cause of the current crisis with his “half-truths”, “misleading jokes” and “twisting statements”. Writing in his blog, the Prime Minister said Dr Mahathir would continue to intervene in the country’s administration, even if he were to step down. “He can […]

June 06

Nothing2Hide hides PM

There are too many spins and unverified accounts of the Sukaguam event. But I think to the public it’s unimaginable how a threat can be so big that justifies the cancellation of the event. The IGP must clarify in great detail as the public have seen a much worse event, writes lawyer Lukman Sheriff Alias. […]

June 01

Malaysia Airlines staff have 12 days to decide on job offer, says new CEO

New Malaysia Airlines CEO Christoph Mueller says today the airline’s first transaction is to offer 14,000 jobs. Malaysia Airlines (MAS) employees will be given 12 days to decide whether they want to join the new company, said the national carrier’s new CEO Christoph Mueller today. “June 1 is (when) new Malaysian Airlines starts trading. Its […]