Rohingyas: Here are your options to resolve. What’s your choice?

Rohingyan Issues Part II

The issue on the Rohingyans currently befalling Malaysians is simple. Lawyer Lukman Sheriff Alias puts it to you:

1) Do you believe that the Rohingyans should be left to die on high seas in their current barely functional cramped vessel? (The provision of humanitarian food and water, though a necessity, will help to prolong their sufferings on the High Seas).


2) Do you believe that we should provide them shelter on the Malaysian soil and suffer a miserable though not fatalistic life? (They have lived here for decades without recognition and being deprived of basic essentials such as work, education etc leading to a rampant increase of beggars that we see now).

These are the only choices you have and reflect one’s own personal value.


The rest of the argument I believe is consequential. For example concerned on the increase illegal immigrants in malaysia will lead you to decision on option 1 which reflects a value to sacrifice innocent lives.

Option no 2 also reflects an apathetic attitude prevalent among us unless of course you believe that they should be treated better in which case we need to think of a better solution of recognizing them legally.

We shouldn’t blame the government, political parties or religious authorities for this issue when we don’t want to or cannot decide.


The stark political reality is that in Myanmar the government and the people are bent on ethnic cleansing or genocide. Even noble peace price winner and leading world democrat Aung San Suu Kyi condones this ethnic cleansing.

Whatever we or ASEAN do to pressure Myanmar will take a long time to resolve this. In the meantime we need to decide Option 1 and 2.

So, what’s your blog take on this?