GST on government services is senseless, says Johor Ruler

Johor Sultan Ibrahim Ismail has criticised the imposition of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) on government services.

“This does not make sense as government services are a basic responsibility to the rakyat and it is unreasonable that the rakyat should be further burdened with paying GST on them,” he said in his opening address at the Johor state assembly.

The ruler said he believed the implementation of GST was done after thorough research by the federal government but it should only be imposed in suitable situations.

Sultan Ibrahim (photo) said he had come to know that the Johor government and local governments have been instructed to collect GST for its services but urged them not to do so.

“I ask that the state and local governments not to impose GST on the services they render to the rakyat and request for exemption from the federal government,” he said.

‘Give Johor more’

The GST came into force on April 1 at a rate of six percent.

The ruler’s speech is traditionally prepared by the government but this does not appear to have been the case with the Johor sultan’s address today.

In his speech, Sultan Ibrahim also urged Putrajaya to provide more development funding for Johor.

“As a state which contributes a large amount of revenue to the country’s income, the federal government should give more allocation for the development of Johor and not only focus on the federal territories,” he exhorted.