May 04

Traffic offenders beware! The police are coming for you!

The police have set their sights on stubborn traffic offenders who have yet to settle their outstanding summons. This May, the police are set to launch an operation, dubbed Ops Warta, dedicated to bring this issue to an end once and for all. Mike Tan from TheAntDaily puts us on alert:

The operation will target some 1.59 million drivers with unsettled committed traffic offences. These offenders have been issued warrants of arrest after disregarding previous reminders and multiple warnings over the past two year to settle their summons.

Bukit Aman traffic chief Mohd Fuad Abdul Latif said that these offenders were stubborn and refused to settle their summons.

Their actions leave the police no choice but to go all out to get them.

While many offenders think that the police would be unable to locate them, Bukit Aman has worked with the Employees Provident Fund and the National Registration Department to track them down through their addresses.

Who knows, this year’s Ops Warta might see a repeat of the 2008 version, when traffic police launched a door-to-door operation to serve warrants of arrests to offenders.

So if you have any outstanding summons, don’t be surprised if you see the police standing outside your home this May!

Traffic offences may seem to be a trivial matter, but the loss of lives through road accidents in Malaysia remain high, with 18 people being killed on average daily last year according statistics released by the Road Transport Department (JPJ).

Many of these accidents were undoubtedly caused by irresponsible drivers who chose to disregard road safety guidelines and traffic rules.

While not every traffic offence leads to a major accident, Malaysian drivers would do well to adhere to traffic rules.

Too often than not, drivers disregard simple rules that allow us to all drive on Malaysian roads safely. And when nothing bad seems to happen to them, they continue flaunting the law and drive according to their whims, totally oblivious of other road users.

This callous behaviour will ultimately lead to an accident. Only luck will determine if that accident is a minor altercation or a life-threatening or worse, fatal tragedy.

And when that happens, it will be too late.

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