March 20


Why we should never petition any other country in particular US to interfere in our affairs, says Lukman Sheriff

The United States manufactured “truth” to go to war. They don’t have the interest of other nations at heart. It doesn’t matter if the state interfered results in a failed state. In the case of Iraq its immaterial if 200,000 civilians die because they are not US citizens (they are mere collaterals). It matters not if their lives are in a better condition than they were before they intervened. As long as the U.S. costs in the interference is borne by the state it’s fine by them.  Senior lawyer Lukman Sheriff Alias explains:


To the US, they justify this method under various cloak of deceptions. They call this regime change, democracy, liberty etc and in the Iraq war, dubious NED funded poll agency like Merdeka research, was used by Bush to say most Iraqis want the US to interfere.

This is a similar pattern over and over again we see employed by the U.S. Why some Malaysians feel proud of this is beyond logic. We have too much hatred in us to even recognize what’s good for us. In the end we’re going to be had by our foolishness. We must learn to play politics with limits.