G100 says 14 days over – calls for immediate resignation of Bar Council President Christoher Leong

G100 calls for the immediate resignation of Christopher Leong as President of the Malaysian Bar


Yesterday marked the 14th day from when the group of 100 lawyers (otherwise known as G100) issued its first press statement dated 21st February 2015, calling for Mr. Christopher Leong as President of the Malaysian Bar, to retract his disparaging remarks against the judiciary and the administration of justice, and to tender a public apology to the judiciary pursuant thereto. In a statement to the media and bloggers, the G100 said:

G100 regrets that the only official response coming from Mr. Christopher Leong thus far has been nothing but evasive, as could be seen from his statement of 26 February 2015. (See http://www.malaysianbar.org.my/press_stateme…/press_release_|_the_bar_is_pro_rule_of_law_and_justice_not_pro_opposition_or_government.html). G100, in turn, responded vide our press release of 1st March 2015, wherein we reiterated our position that he must retract the remarks scandalizing the judiciary, for his latest clarification did not in any way rectify the impugned statement, and is simply a feeble attempt at avoiding the issue at hand. See https://m.facebook.com/story.php… and http://www.themalaymailonline.com/…/christopher-leong-of-th…

Premised on the above, and after considerably reasonable time given to him to retract the statement, we note with great disappointment that until to date Mr. Christopher Leong has failed, refused and/or neglected to do the same. Left with no other choice, we are now constrained to demand – as we had previously warned in our Press Statement of 21st February 2015 – for his immediate resignation from the post of President of the Malaysian Bar and Chairperson of the Bar Council. We shall also be pursuing other legal remedies which we will inform the public in due course.

Further, we note that there has been a motion (proposed by one Faidhur Rahman Abdul Hadi and seconded by one Aidil Khalid under their individual and personal capacities as members of the Bar) submitted to the Secretary of the Bar Council to be moved and debated in the up-coming Annual General Meeting of the Malaysian Bar on 14th March 2015 (AGM). The contents of the motion, among others, are to call upon Mr. Christopher Leong to forthwith retract his Press Release dated 11th February 2015 and tender a public apology to the Malaysian judiciary pursuant thereto, and in the event that Mr. Christopher Leong fails to do the same, then it shall be the duty of the incoming President of the Malaysian Bar to carry out the retraction and public apology to the judiciary.

G100 wishes to express our full support towards the said motion, and calls upon those who support the views of G100 to also support the said motion. We put our trust in the wisdom of the members of the Bar to adopt the necessary resolutions in the incoming AGM, especially to protect the integrity and independence of the Bar. We note that should the said motion be passed at the upcoming AGM resulting in Mr Christopher Leong retracting the Press Release and tendering a public apology to the judiciary as required by the terms of the said motion, then it would not be necessary for us to proceed with any further action in this regard.