UMNO Batu Kawan leader lodges police report against 1MDB


While the UMNO assembly can be considered an internal party affair, in reality, the nation considers it more than just an UMNO matter but a matter that affects the entire nation. In short, issues raised are not just the concern of the Malays but Malaysians as a whole.

Apart from the opposition, which has described 1MDB as the “mother of all scandals”, former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has also been a staunch critic of the ailing investment firm.

The story goes that IMDB was not raised in the recent UMNO general assembly. The noise from Internet news portals was already loud and clear. Something dubious and sinister was in the air with 1Malaysia Development Berhad. This evidently set some quarters within the party unhappy that a national issue of mega proportions being reported had not been deliberated by the party’s leadership.

So on 12 December 2014, an UMNO divisional leader believed to be backed by powerful forces in the party lodged a damning police report against 1MDB, its directors and its subsidiaries.

Batu Kawan Umno deputy chief Datuk Seri Khairuddin Abu Hassan, in a report lodged at the Dang Wangi police station, gave a list of what he said were “questionable” business, investment and fund raising transactions and decisions.

“I feel suspicious and am doubtful of the financial management of 1MDB, which is not transparent.

“As of March 2014, 1MDB is burdened with debts to the tune of RM41.9 billion, bearing the risk of bankruptcy and the loss of public funds. This will burden the Malaysian Government as 1MDB’s guarantor.”

He called for “detailed and comprehensive” investigations, including the interrogation of 1MDB’s directors as well as representatives of any company that may be implicated.


He said he decided to lodge the report after studying various reports in both the national and international print media as well as online media that “clearly proved” that there were weaknesses in 1MDB’s management of taxpayer funds.

1MDB had failed to be convincing in countering allegations of impropriety, he added.

“As a responsible citizen,” he said, “I am anxious and worried over the very opaque manner of 1MDB’s management of its funds.

Speaking to the press on the side after making the report,  Khairuddin added he was not worried that UMNO might take action against him. “I’ll ask them on what grounds they would take action because I made the report against a private company, not UMNO,” he said.

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