WHAT! Price of Money Logging book up by 126%


Money Logging, the notorious book by Bruno Manser Fund director Lukas Straumann, has shot up more than twice fold. The book which was originally retailed at Kinokuniya for RM50-00 (see below) is now RM113-34 (see above), up by a whopping 126.68%.

Like WHAT!! This is outrageously outrageous. The book is not cast in gold. But there are no stocks.

It was just a few weeks ago that MyMalayBlogger had bought a copy for much much cheaper at the same store. So a recent check to see what the fuss is all about that there are no stocks led to this discovery. Perhaps the author’s PR blitz on his book has become excessively expensive. Passing the rising cost to the consumer??

The shocking unearthing of this massive jump in price leaves much to be desired.