Where is Sarawak Report going with Lindsay Lohan? And Paris Hilton?

The most recent article published by Sarawak Report (Lindsay Lohan – The Latest Hollywood Link To 1MDB!) is, apparently, about 1MDB. Certainly, Sarawak Report has written about 1MDB before and, as a website dedicated to political activism, it is understandable that they would take an interest in an important Federal Government initiative. Much is said in the press about 1MDB, both positive and negative, yet none deny that it is a significant programme.

Therefore, the thoughts espoused by Sarawak Report, a well-funded international player in the opposition press, should make for interesting reading. Instead, we learn awfully little about 1MDB but we do learn a lot about the supposed antics of an American actress. The key story in the article, if it can be considered a story, is that there are currently rumours that Lindsay Lohan is engaged in some sort of relationship with Patrick Mahoney, an executive at PetroSaudi. This has further spurred talk that Mahoney might be funding Lohan’s expenses, which are known to be quite high due to her party lifestyle. These stories (which, if anyone in Sarawak is at all interested, Lohan has denied[1]) are appropriately sourced, as one would expect from a professional organisation such as Sarawak Report. The “news” comes straight from the Hollywood Gossip, Hollywood Take, Beauty World News and the Daily Mail.


To draw the story back to 1MDB, the piece does include some of the publication’s previous claims about the development company, and refers the reader back to prior articles by Sarawak Report. One of these articles, which covers the recent donation by the Jynwel Foundation of US$25m to the UN’s humanitarian news agency, includes needlessly topless photo of Paris Hilton.[2] However, it is the personal lifestyle of wealthy individuals with any link at all to 1MDB which remain the focus of the articles. Alongside Mahoney, Lohan and Jho Low, Mohamaed Ahmed Badawy Al-Husseiny (of Aabar Investments) and Tarek Obaid (also of PetroSaudi) are also questioned over how they choose to spend their money.

The piece closes with a link to a Daily Mail article from last year highlighting the fact that Lohan has admitted to being a cocaine user. Discussing 1MDB’s borrowed money, Sarawak Report states that it hopes “none of it ended up Lindsay Lohan’s powdery nose!”

The hype about morality that Sarawak Report is currently putting out is confusing, however. If it finds the actions of these “decadent party-lovers” so inappropriate, why is the reader given such insight into them? Will the celebrity gossip sites referenced provide appropriate guidance? And finally, why does Sarawak Report feel it is the right choice to run photos of Paris Hilton scantily clad and topless for no particular reason on a website supposedly dedicated to news and political activism? Is this a really misguided attempt to bring in more readers?